If You Love Someone is an independent psychological thriller currently in pre-production in Brooklyn, NY.


Artist Julian Winslow made his name exploiting the milk-carton images of missing children that haunted everyone’s breakfast in the 1980s. His muse was Raye Fox, a 15-year-old beauty whose unsolved kidnapping and lost-girl gaze transfixed America. Her disappearance was never solved, but Julian’s artwork shows her face for years to come.

Fifteen years after Raye vanished, authorities arrest one of America’s most prolific serial killers. Ezra Johnstone admits to her murder, but Raye’s body is never found. With his career collapsing and his personal demons closing in, Julian’s obsession with Raye is reignited. He buys the killer’s lonely, rural house at auction and moves there with his young, pregnant wife, Abby. While living in the house, a mysterious figure begins to haunt the property. Soon after, Abby has a devastating miscarriage, which leads her into despair and causes her to have lucid dreams of her dead child and the missing Raye.

While Julian desperately tries to revive his artwork and discover what happened to his muse, his friends beg him to leave the house and the deteriorating Abby to come back to New York City. Meanwhile, the mysterious figure draws closer and fantasy crashes into reality.


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